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In a world where pre-workout products have built up a reputation for being strictly intended to yield CNS stimulating effects, MPA Supplements have yet again thought ahead and outside of the box to deliver us with another completely unique product. May we present to you, CelluVOL™. As said on the label, the formula is completely anti-caffeine and stimulant free. CelluVOL™ is strictly designed to have you experience cellular swelling for a massive intra-workout pump. The product is loaded with top-shelf quality and namebrand ingredients and contains no proprietary blends. Matt Porter is a man of his word and you can trust him on this one as well.

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Pre-workout products have become something that are only intended to stimulate people’s CNS to the point where they start shaking and actually experience quite the opposite effect of what a pre-workout product should yield. They become jittery and have a hard time focusing, which ultimately leads to them having a bad and unproductive workout because of the unfavorable effects their pre-workout gives them. American bodybuilding coach and MPA Supplements product formulator, Matt Porter, has once again gone back to drawing board and created a product that simply just does what is should. We are now proud to be able to present to you: CelluVOL™. Please be warned in advance – if you are looking for a 300+ mg of caffeine product with other hard stimulants mixed in, this is not what you are looking for.




What is MPA Supplements’ CelluVOL™?



Matt Porter wants to give you your $50-60$ worth in his product; a nitric-oxide inducing, vasodilating, hyperemic, vein protruding, non-stimulant pre-workout product. CelluVOL™ is intended to be taken 15-20 minutes before engaging in resistance training. It is recommended that your stomach is relatively empty, since the ingredients should not be in competition with food for absorption. The value of clinically dosed and high quality ingredients will show once you start getting the weights moving in the gym and you can expect a feeling of explosive fullness and vascularity that your previous stimulant-based pre-workout products have never given you. Being the man of his word and great integrity that Matt Porter is, he made sure to only include namebrand ingredients in CelluVOL, and right after sodium from Himalayan pink sea salt and potassium from arginine silicate inositol, the first ingredient on the label is L-Citrulline. As previously stated, Matt Porter wants to give you what you are paying for and will not fool you with cheap ingredients. This is exactly why he included pure L-Citrulline and not Citrulline Malate in this product. Around 95% of current pre-workout or pump products use Citrulline Malate, which is L-Citrulline bound to malic acid. Companies formulate this in a 2:1 ratio, meaning that when a product is listed with 6 grams of Citrulline Malate, you are only going to get 4 grams of pure L-Citrulline out of it. L-Citrulline is the ingredient doing all of the work as far as nitric oxide promotion goes, shifting high levels of arginine into the blood and causing an amazing pump. Simply put, Matt Porter once again delivers and offers you the highest dosed pure L-Citrulline product on the market with a whopping 7 grams per serving.




Next up is Nitrosigine™ – everything that arginine was supposed to be. This ingredient is the sum of three components: arginine, silicon and inositol. The arginine is bound to silicon, and the inositol is also attatched to allow the arginine to be bound to the silicon in a 1:1 ratio. The actual bounding of these two ingredients has shown to give a synergistic effect. What is silicon exactly and why is it included with arginine? Silicon is an element that has shown to be helpful in the maintenance of the integrity of the lining of the aortic tissues. Silica makes the inner lining of arterial tissues less permeable. Arginine that is bound to silicon (arginine silicate) has shown promising effects in increasing blood flow throughout tissues and with an effect that is double as powerful as arginine HCL. It is also worth mentioning that arginine silicate elicits five times greater blood vessel relaxation than arginine HCL. CelluVOL™ has been clinically dosed with 1500 mg of Nitrosigine™ – the amount that has shown to yield the greatest benefits. So far we have the highest dose of pure L-Citrulline on the market in conjunction with Nitrosigine™, potentiating blood vessel relaxation and expansion. Now let us just add something to promote hyperhydration, interstitital fluid volume and cellular swelling.




This is where HydroMax™ comes into play. It is a 65% concentrated, stable in powdered form, glycerol complex. The commonly used glycerol monosterate (GMS) only yields 5-12% of pure glycerol and is very poorly absorbed. When ingesting glycerol during rigorous training, it is possible to prevent the occurance of dehydration and even to lessen the need for consuming water. It is still recommended to stay properly hydrated during workouts to ensure proper muscle contraction, fullness and performance. What about energy? What is a pre-workout product worth if it does not deliver a good spark of energy before you are goin to hit the weights? Matt Porter does not think you need any cortisol-inducing and muscle-flattening ingredients that are going to jack up your central nervous system, but rather wants you to experince mental acuity and enhanced neuronal response to lifting weights. AlpaSize™ (Alpha-GPC) is going to increase acetylcholine levels in the brain dramatically and cross the blood brain barrier. It is involved in the synthesis and release of acetylcholine. This very boost of choline as well as the release of acetylcholine is going to significantly stimulate cognitive function. AlpaSize™ is another of one of the patented ingredients found in CelluVOL™ and Matt Porter once again hooks us up with a massive 600 mg dose. Benefits of Alpha-GPC include:





    • Improvement in key brain functions such as memory, concentration, learning, recall and focus.




    • Promotion of the formation of acetylcholine; a vital neurotransmitter compound involved in all key brain functions and mental sharpness.




    • Aid in speeding cell to cell communication through neuromuscular optimization, providing enhanced muscular power output and agility for active and athletic individuals.




    • Physiological production and maintenance of human growth hormone (HGH); the body’s master hormone for maintaining youth, vitality, and body composition.





Finally, how could a pre-workout formula be complete without a mineral/electrolyte complex? Maximizing and optimizing physical performance could not be possible without it and of course Matt Porter did not forget about this either. Instead of throwing in cheap sodium chloride and sprinkling in some potassium, he added a trace mineral complex called “ElevATP™. This is a complex of water extract of ancient peat (fossilized plant) and apple extract. The apple extract is going to stimulate the production of ATP, which is the body’s energy currency. However, Matt Porter is mainly attatched to the Senonian Trace Minerals from the fossilized plant, which yields 70 plant-based, small particle minerals, including the full range of lesser-known minerals that perhaps may have served as vital co-factors in human biological development. As previously stated, this complex is not just sodium and potassium sprinkled in, but rather super potent trace minerals that are going to aid you in fueling your training.




All of these top-shelf, high quality, namebrand ingredients are what makes MPA Supplements’ CelluVOL™ the absolute most potent, high quality, logically sound pre-workout product on the market today. As always, they deliver full label transparency, clinically or even above clinically dosed trademarked ingredients. MPA Supplements never fail to disappoint and this one is not going to be an exception either. If you are looking for the pump of your life with maximizing muscle fullness and no CNS overstimulation, this product is what you have been waiting for. Remember, as MPA Supplements always say: professional products, professional results.




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