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Are you trying to build a good physique on the outside? Are you still concerned with what is happening on the inside? Enter: HeartSolve™: a comprehensive cholesterol and blood pressure support formula by MPA Supplements. Nothing but patented and branded ingredients alongside clinically proven doses. This is an easy and convenient to amplify your health and wellness with only four different ingredients.

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If you are trying to maximize what is on the outside, controlling what is happening on the inside is crucial. Bodybuilding and physique sculpting is a very demanding endeavor to take on for any person, and especially when reaching the higher level stages of the sport, the body is being pushed to extremes in order for a certain standard to be met. Matt Porter, a renowned bodybuilding coach and former competitive athlete in the sport, knows from experience that eating a high calorie diet alongside utilizing supplements of all sorts, including stimulants to get through grueling workouts, without a doubt takes its’ toll on the body. This is exactly why he created HeartSolve™ – the ultimate cholesterol and blood pressure support formula containing herbs, botanicals, anti-oxidants, phytonutrients and vitamins.


The first thing that has to be looked at is the patented ingredient, BergaMonte® – Citrus Bergamot. Right off the bat, this is a very diverse ingredient that does not only do wonders for your cholesterol management but also yields heaps of other health benefits. It is of course patented, standardized, and clinically tested.  BergaMonte® has flavonoid constituents (plant compounds found in almost all fruits and vegetables) that have been clinically proven to have positive effects on human cholesterol levels in the sense that it boosts HDL cholesterol (the “good cholesterol”). Clinical studies have also proven this ingredient to establish healthy glucose levels for insulin resistant individuals.


Next up is Benolea® – Olive Leaf Extract. This patented ingredient contains the two active constituents Oleuropein and polyphenols. Multiple clinical studies have proven Oleuropein to be effective at lowering blood pressure levels. To give an example of the effects of this very ingredient, one clinical trial involved 2 identical twins with pre-hypertension (high end of normal blood pressure levels). The dosages that were used in this trial were 500 mg and 1000 mg of olive leaf extract. The trial showed that the twins’ blood pressure levels changed significantly and was lowered to optimal levels both in the systolic (contracted) and the diastolic (relaxed) phase using these exact dosages. Another study even compared the Beneola® to Captopril; a prescription medication used to treat high blood pressure. The results revealed that both of them had greatly lowering effects on blood pressure levels and that the approximate difference between the net mmHg (the measurement used to determine blood pressure levels in humans) were only between 2 – 2.5; this is indeed very significant in the sense that Beneola® is an olive leaf extract while Captopril is a medication that requires a licensed doctor-written prescription and they seem to be almost equal in terms of blood pressure management effects. Additionally, the scientists conducting the study noticed an average 7.8% reduction in triglyceride levels (cholesterol numbers) among the group taking in Beneola®. This group decreased their total cholesterol by 2.8% and low-density lipoprotein (LDL – the “bad cholesterol”) by 2.9% – an effect that was not seen in the prescription medication group since that specific drug does not have triglyceride-lowering effects.


Third ingredient listed on the label of HeartSolve  is MegaNatural®-BP – Grape Seed Extract. Again, we are dealing with a patented and clinically studied all-natural ingredient that has been demonstrated and proven to be effective at supporting healthy blood pressure levels and increasing endothelial function (cells forming the lining of blood vessels). A clinical study had pre-hypertension patients ingesting 300 mg of MegaNatural®-BP, which resulted in a mutual reduction in blood pressure. All participants in the study took the full 300 mg dose once a day for 8 weeks, which resulted in blood pressure readings showing an average lowering in systolic pressure levels of 8mmHg, while the diastolic pressure levels averaged out to an about 5 mmHg lowering. In simple terms, this means that MegaNatural®-BP could offer some very beneficial effects health-wise for individuals who are ranging on the higher ends of normal blood pressure levels; pre-hypertension.


Celery 3nB® – Celery Seed Extract: the last ingredient of “HeartSolve®.” Another all-natural ingredient intended to mitigate the body’s retention of sodium by acting as a natural diuretic. The diuretic effects shown by Celery 3nB® have been proven to have the most beneficial impact within the body, more specifically within the circulatory and musculoskeletal systems. The very powerful compound by the name of 3-n-butylphtalide (3nB) found in celery seed is what is responsible for the herbal ingredient’s significant healing properties. In short, Celery 3nB may reduce the retention of fluid within the body, which in effect can support your circulatory system in regulating blood pressure into a lower, healthier range. Simply put, it helps your body get rid of excess and unnecessary water (some of it can actually sit around the heart, which puts a big strain on the heart and greatly increases its’ workload). A heart with less fluid surrounding it is a heart that is more efficient at doing its’ job of supplying the body’s organs with blood and not as taxed it would be otherwise.


Like any other of the MPA Supplements products, “HeartSolve®” is indeed multi-faceted.  You can expect aid in nitric oxide production, mitigation of cell-damaging free radicals and immune system function support. As explained, you may also experience aid in blood pressure and cholesterol levels management, which overall equates to a more healthy and well-functioning body.


For your physique to look its’ best, you must first address the working mechanisms that are responsible for making the body work in the first place. MPA Supplements’ “HeartSolve®” is intended to do just that and can indeed be stacked with a product such as “CardioSolve” for optimized cardiovascular health and performance.


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