MPA Supplements – IsoSolve™ – 100% Cold-Filtered Whey Isolate

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IsoSolve™ by MPA Supplements is a 100% cold-filtered whey protein isolate. Zero sugar, lactose and gluten, low fat (0.5g) and amazing taste. Blends perfectly with MPA Supplements Pie Fuel, and makes for the thickest, creamiest and most delicious shake when blended with ice in a blender.

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IsoSolve™ by MPA Supplements

MPA Supplements’ IsoSolve™ is a 100% cold-filtered whey protein isolate powder that is free of lactose, sugar and gluten, and with an extremely low fat content.

Matt Porter, founder and product formulator of MPA Supplements, wanted to create a basic whey protein isolate that could be blended with ice in a blender to create a thicker and creamier type of shake than what you usually see with isolate powders. His goal was to make it something that people who were on a diet could look forward to having when wanting to fulfill a sweet tooth – sort of like a “milkshake replacement”, but without the added sugar and fat that comes with a regular milkshake.

IsoSolve™ is also specifically designed to complement MPA Supplements’ Pie Fuel perfectly. The Graham Cracker Pie Crust flavour of IsoSolve™ enhances and adds to the Apple Pie flavour of Pie Fuel like no other products.

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