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Matt Porter’s MPA Supplements are out to put an end to bad name that exogenous ketone supplements have been given because of false marketing over the years and are now very proud to be able to present “KETOxygen™.” An exogenous ketone dietary supplement with a whopping 12 gram dosage of goBHB™ salts and full clinical dosages of an array of other effective ingredients as well. It offers not only incredible energy, focus, mental clarity and enhanced cognitive function, but also improves power output and endurance during physical exercise. It allows athletes to develop their physical performance and take it to entirely new and high levels while also helping them adapt to stressful environments, ultimately recovering from workouts faster and more efficiently. No caffeine or other stimulants can be found in this product but the same mental enhancement and focus effects that you would expect from these are definitely to be expected from “KETOxygen™.”

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Ketone supplements have been given sort of a bad name because of the way companies market them. The common misconception is that supplementing (exogenous) with ketones gets you into a ketogenic state. This is far from the truth and you should never consider dietary supplements as a guarantee for being in ketosis. “KETOxygen” by Matt Porter’s MPA Supplements is in fact an exogenous ketone supplement, so what makes it so much different from other products on the market? Matt Porter uniquely designed “KETOxygen” with not only the highest amount of BHB salts on the market, but also included multiple other top shelf quality ingredients to promote endurance, mental clarity, neurogenesis as well as an incredible amount of “clean energy” while it is in your bloodstream.


Building upon the statement made before, Matt Porter wants to stress that MPA Supplements’ “KETOxygen” is not going to directly induce weight loss or burn body fat. Being a man of his word and a person who values integrity more than anything, he does not want you as a consumer to be fooled like with all the other comapnies out there marketing their products as being able to burn body fat and get you leaner. What this product will do, however, is increase your energy by supplying your body and brain with an additional substrate which they can use for fuel immediataely and readily. This will in turn make physical activity easier to endure and perform and also make tasks that are more mentally demanding easier to conquer.


Research has pointed to the fact that supplementing with exogenous ketones could potentially increase your metabolic efficiency. This would mean better output and stamina while mitigating the requirements for ATP (adenosine triphosphate) to working muscles.


Another really beneficial effect of exogenous ketones or BHB salts is that it causes a satiating effect, ultimately giving you a control over your appetite. This is very beneficial to individuals who are in phases of dieting with a caloric deficit since the hunger signal is not going to be as prominent thus making it easier to tolerate.


To cap off the point of “KETOxygen” not being a product that directly initiate fat loss, it is indeed very evident that the benefits listed above indicate that it indirectly influences the possibility of fat loss by delivering a boost of energy that you would not have experienced had you not supplemented with exogenous ketones, ultimately causing you to burn more calories overall.


“KETOxygen” by MPA Supplements is an all-in-one ketogenic, neurogenic and adaptogenic formula. If you know a bit about Matt Porter as a person, you are not going to be in doubt about whether or not you are getting your money’s worth in one of his products, and this one is no exception. He is a renowned perfectionist and a picky product formulator, meaning that he only puts the most premium quality ingredients in the highest possible dosages – either clinical or above clinical – in all of his MPA Supplements products. In this very formula, he combined the picture perfect harmony of nootropics and adaptogens that collaborates fantastically with the goBHB™ ketone salts. This allows for even better aerobic capacity as well as even more prominent mental clarity and cognitive function.


This is not just another whey protein or caffeinated pre-workout powder that has had a tiny dusting (under 6 grams) of BHB salts added to it. Matt Porter thought this out very well and carefully, and is now proud to be able to offer this ultra potent exogenous ketone dietary supplements. Most of the reputable ketone supplements on the market today deliver a dosage of BHB salts at around 10-11 grams at most, but being who he is, Matt Porter has put a whopping dose of 12 grams in “KETOxygen™.”


After going over the benefits of the goBHB™ ketone salts, it is also important to review the rest of the ingredients found in MPA Supplements’ “KETOxygen“:


  • PeakO2™ (organic mushroom complex) – an organic-certified combination of six Ayurvedic mushroom strains grown and harvested in the United States of America. Studies have shown that PeakO2™ can improve time to exhaustion, maximum power output, peak strength, anaerobic peak power, utilization of oxygen during exercise, ability to take up oxygen and exercise capacity. In a 21-day clinical study conducted at the University of South Carolina, PeakO2™ was clinically shown to improve both power and endurance. The test subjects who supplemented with 2 grams of PeakO2™ on a daily basis increased their time to exhaustion with an incredible 70 seconds from baseline while the placebo group only improved their time by 5 seconds over baseline. Additionally, on top of increasing aerobic capacity and endurance, the PeakO2™ mushrooms also aid in supporting your immune system to keep you safe in a high-stress environment. 

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) – This is an acetylated version of L-Carnitine and is considered to be a neurogenic aid better known as a “nootropic” fuel for your brain. The list of benefits is lengthy and stretches from memory enhancement, neuron health and increased acetylcholine levels to acting as an anti-oxidant in the brain and of course as an aid in mitochondrial fat oxidation. Matt Porter once again went more than big as far as the dosage goes and made “KETOxygen” deliver a whopping 500 gram dosage per serving.

  • Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NALT) – expect to have mental acuity, energy production, mood support as well an increased metabolic rate supported when using Acetyl-L-Tyrosine. Matt Porter is big on using it for increasing the neurotransmitter, Dopamine. If you ask him, dopamine is absolutely crucial for feeling motivated while it also is able to stave off hunger – perfect for a diet scenario where you do not want to be hindered in getting tasks done because of overwhelming hunger levels. It is found in the same big 500 mg dosage as the other acetylated amino acid in “KETOxygen™.”

  • The adaptogenic portion – Rhodiola. After just a few weeks of supplementing with Rhodiola on its’ own, Matt Porter noticed energy, focus as well as feeling of “decompression” or in other words relief, as he explains it himself. Rhodiala has been shown to help the body naturally cope with and balance out stressful events and/or situations by regulating cortisol. It does this by potentiating anxiolytic, anti-fatigue and neuro-protective effects in the body. Matt Porter also points out another reason why he chose Rhodiola for this particular formula; it was demonstrated in a study to: “significantly lower HR (heart rate) during warm up, significantly faster TT (time trial) and a siginficantly lower rate of perceived exhaustion.” The study concluded that an acute dose of Rhodiola Rosea ingestion decreased heart rate response to sub-maximal exercise and appears to “(…) improve endurance exercise performance by decreasing the perception of effort.” Additionally, in another study, endurance athletes supplemented their diet with Rhodiola Rosea for 4 weeks before they underwent a cardio-pulmonary exhaustion test. In the study, the athletes were found to have “(…) significantly lower blood lactate levels and plasma creatine kinase levels.” This is an important marker of protein regulation as well as overtraining.” The study concluded that supplementing with Rhodiola makes it possible to reduce both lactate levels and parameters of skeletal muscle damage following an exhaustive exercise session. To sum it up: Rhodiola is absolutely perfect for anyone who is following a rigorous cardiovascular or weight training regime where a large amount of physical stress is inevitably going to be running the body down.


​How are you supposed to use “KETO​xygen™” by MPA Supplements?


It is a universal product that is open for several usage options. Matt Porter has listed a bunch of suggestions as to how he would recommended people use it:


  • Before doing cardio/aerobic sessions for performance enhancement/improved oxygen consumption


  • Before weight training for anti-catabolic benefits as well as mental and cognitive enhancement effects


  • While transitioning into a ketogenic state to avoid the dreaded brain fog or “keto-flu”


  • Before mentally demanding events, i.e., studying, writing papers, seminars, video gaming sessions, etc.


  • As a mix with his NPA Supplements pre-workout product “CelluVOL™” to experience ​extreme focus​, energy,​ and ​lowering catabolism​ before brutal workout sessions.


You have several reasons to employ MPA Supplements’ “KETO​xygen​™” into your regimen. Matt Porter promises that it will make you feel better mentally. It will also aid in protecting muscle by the cortisol lowering effects of Rhodiola Rosea and ketone salts sparing amino acids. It will make your dreaded cardio sessions feel like a breeze and increase your endurance capacity too. If you do play around with ketogenic dieting ​(high fat, low carb)​, it is going to mitigate the initial “metabolic shift”​ you go through while becoming ​“fat-adapted” ​which usually includes feeling terrible both physically and mentally. If you dislike or simply do not tolerate caffeine or other stimulants, Matt Porter suggests that you try ramping up your current pre-workout formula by adding ½ – 1 full serving of MPA Supplements “KETO​xygen​” to your favorite pre-workout of choice.


Expect mega dosages of BHB ketone salts with legitimate doses of all other active ingredients as well. MPA Supplements deliver professional products for professional results.


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