MPA Supplements – Pharmgrade Platinum PA – Amino Pulsing & Intra Workout (EAA)

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If you think you have already seen amino acid products of the highest quality, think again. MPA Supplements’ ”Pharm Grade” is the Mercedes Benz of amino acids. The American bodybuilder and coach Matthew Porter has waved the magic wand once again and created a product that no other brands in the industry have matched up until this point. Not only containing all of the nine essential amino acids in the highest quality available, ”Pharm Grade” also has another brand new active ingredient, which in short functions as a pathway opener for your muscle growth. 

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Introducing, MPA Supps PharmGrade 


MPA Supplements’ PharmGrade is the latest creation of the American bodybuilder and coach, Matt Porter. This product is intended to help you maximise your potential for growth of muscle mass and strength. As a man of honour and integrity, and someone who stands by his word, Matt Porter has undeniably created the most potent amino acid product available on the market today. ”The industry is crooked”, he says, and he now intends to put an end to this for good. Matt ensures you that you will not be frauded nor become a victim of buying an amino-spiked product. Manufacturers often claim to be marketing product with the highest-quality amino acids, but they are all low-quality ingredients derived from duck feathers and human hair.

All of the amino acids in PharmGrade are pharmaceutical grade and manufactured under the registered trademark AjinoMoto™, meaning that AjiPure™ has secured the quality. AjinoMoto™ has done this by batch testing all of them; guaranteeing that they are all vegetarian-derived and produced under strict cGMP conditions.  The amino acids in PharmGrade use a patented Ferment-A-Pure™ technology, which strictly uses vegetable-based natural carbohydrates as raw materials.

Matt Porter’s idea about this product was to create a formula that would ensure maximum stimulation of mTOR. mTOR is an enzyme that is responsible for regulating growth, division, movement as well as the survival of cells, protein synthesis, autophagy and transcription. BCAAs, or branched-chain amino acids, trigger mTOR, and this is where the brand new ingredient, Mediator® (phosphatidic acid) comes into play. This form of naturally occurring phospholipid plays a vital role in the functioning of cell membranes and initiating cell signalling: mTOR and the proliferation of muscle cells. So what do you get when you combine these two powerhouse ingredients? Simple: the most potent and powerful product for stimulation of growth of muscle mass and strength.


They are more than generous, and MPA Supplements have developed a name for themselves as being a company that never fails to dose their products highly. The products are more than clinically dosed. When Matt Porter was just about to release PharmGrade with a 750 mg dose of phosphatidic acid (the one that the studies showed to be effective), he said no! Let us rather be on the safe side and give the people a full clinical dose of 800 mg to ensure maximum results. Any other manufacturer does not match this dosage in the industry. In short: MPA Supplements deliver you two top-shelf ingredients in one single product, dosed way higher than what the studies have proven to create results.


If this was not enough, not only does Matt Porter ensure that your cells have the best conditions for growth and everything they need for it, but also ensures that they stay adequately hydrated throughout the entire process. He is renowned for having his athletes drink all-natural coconut water for optimal hydration, and that is precisely why he has put 300 mg of coconut water powder in each serving of ”Pharm Grade”. Furthermore, a full 500 mg of natural sea salt has also been added in, giving you about 125 mg of sodium, which is the most critical mineral for hydration. You will get the benefits of having a good source of calcium, iron, enzymes, magnesium, phosphorus and manganese in the coconut powder water, 5 different electrolytes in the form of sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus, over 84 different minerals and nutrients for cell signaling and bodily functions from the sea salt. All of these are ingredients that synergistically reduces the chances of muscle cramps, improves muscle contractile capabilities and also improves endurance intra-workout. Additionally, these ingredients also help shuttle the amino acids directly into the muscle cells to ensure recovery and hypertrophy of the muscles.


Only the best: You train as your life depends on it every single day. You eat like a true champion. You avoid any detriments that could potentially interfere with your physique goals. You should not settle for any less than perfect, low-quality, low potency, falsely propagated bullsh*t products.


When you open up your tub of MPA Supplements – ”Pharm Grade™”, you can confidently smile when you see the shiny TradeMarked logos for Mediator® as well as AjiPure™ displayed loud and clear on the product label.


As Matt Porter always says: it takes premium products to build a supreme physique.

MPA Supplements: professional products, professional results.


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