MPA Supplements – VasoSeven – 7-Keto® Skin Gel

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VasoSeven by MPA Supplements as part of the VasoSeries product line. 7-Keto® skin gel that offers clean gel application and rapid drying. VasoSeven is the perfect product for transitioning into a lean off-season or bulking phase. 200 ml bottle.

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Introducing VasoSeven by MPA Supplements

VasoSeven by MPA Supplements is a topical skin gel that glides on smoothly and dries rapidly. VasoSeven contains 7-Keto®, which has demonstrated to have a positive effect on basal metabolic rate without diet or exercise in clinical trials.

It is the perfect product for transitioning into a lean off-season or bulking phase.

Dries rapidly

Dries rapidly

Clean Gel Application

Clean Gel Application

Application of MPA Supplements – VasoSeven

The best places to apply MPA Supplements’ VasoSeven are the abdominals, glutes, inner thighs, chest, and lower back or the “love handle area”. Apply MPA Supplements’ VasoSeven after showering. Make sure to wash away any dead skin cells from the body, ensuring maximum coverage of the gel. A finely trimmed or shaved body may also enhance the effect of ingredients by negating the occurrence of body hair that can make application difficult.

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MPA Supplements VasoSeven Application

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