Yamamoto Nutrition – Ai-BURN HARDCORE

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Yamamoto Nutrition® – “Ai-BURN® HARDCORE”: the toughened up version of the original “Ai-BURN® by Italian Yamamoto Nutrition®. Supercharged with multiple natural and potent ingredients as well as the usual caffeine to give you the ultimate non-banned substance fat burner.

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Yamamoto Nutrition® – “Ai-BURN® HARDCORE” – Powerful Nautral Fat Burner

Yamamoto® Nutrition’s “Ai-BURN® HARDCORE” – Powerful Natural Fat Burner

If you have already become familiar with Yamamoto® Nutrition’s “Ai-BURN®” and decided that it was simply not powerful enough for your specific needs, fear not. Yamamoto® Nutrition now present their upgraded version of their already super powerful and potent fat burner: “Ai-BURN® HARDCORE“. What is already an incredibly well-formulated and thought-through formula has now been absolutely supercharged and enriched with multiple other natural ingredients to maximise the fat burning proces.
“Ai-BURN® HARDCORE” is intended to help you boost your fat burning proces when you are already on a calorie restricted diet and doing physical exericse on a regular basis. In fact, the various plant extracts foind within the product all favor the balance of body weight (Coleus, Mate) as well as the stimulation of the body’s metabolism (chilli), in particular that of lipids or fats (Bitter Orange) and carbohydrates (Ginseng). The Green Tea extract also plays a tonic function to counteract the physical and mental fatigue that is usually experienced when training hard while following a low calorie diet. Yamamoto® Nutrition’s “Ai-BURN® HARDCORE is undoubtedly one of the best products in its’ class and does not contain any banned substances what so ever. The high content of cleverly dosed active ingredients makes it very technical and specific for those seeking the best aid in weight loss without any compromises. If you are looking for the best to help you lose weight and shed fat, Yamamoto® Nutrition’s “Ai-BURN® HARDCORE” is the right choice for you! Only Yamamoto® Nutrition’s “Ai-BURN® HARDCORE” is able to offer a quantitative so high in active ingredients in a single dose! “Ai-BURN® HARDCORE” provides a dose of 113 mg of caffeine per serving. Please be advised that this product contains caffeine (200 mg per serving). It is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women nor children. Please be aware of your tolerance and do not exceed the recommended daily dosage nor use this product in conjunction with other caffeinated products.

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